From the boards of Sparkman & Stephens:


The ultimate achievement in pure sailing pleasure!

The Designers Choice is an exhilarating performer for the hard-core racing enthusiast and extremely docile and forgiving for the novice. A perfect blend for family fun and pure sailing pleasure. It's all the result of a beautifully engineered hull shape and modern high powered rig. The DC's flatout planing surfaces make for more exciting reaching and downwind sailing. Optimum upwind performance is the result of more efficient forward entry with sharp bow sections. No less spectacular is the dryness of a DC ride In virtually all wind and sea conditions and at all speeds, the DC's gracefully curved hull casts spray aside to keep the cockpit and its occupants dry.

The stability of Howmar's Designers Choice is no less than astonishing. An adult can walk around the mast to handle dock lines or set the spinnaker without fear of heeling excessively or accidentally unheard of characteristic for a 15 footer plus a great aid for the beginner.

The pleasures of sailing on a Designers Choice are further enhanced by a wealth of comfort and convenience features. The DC's self-draining cockpit is exceptionally roomy with extra wide side deck seats curved for comfort. There's elbow room to spare with four or five adults aboard. Molded-in skid resistant cockpit sole and side seats provide better footing and mobility. An added nicety is a handy spacious locker under the after deck for storage. Running rigging and deluxe hardware is convenient for racing and sailing, yet out of the way for crew comfort.

  • L.O.A.: 14'- 10 1/2; 4.53m
  • L.W.L.: 12'-9"; 3.89m
  • Beam: 6'1"; 1.85m
  • Weight: 315 lbs.; 142.88kg
  • Draft:
    • Rudder and centerboard up: 5"; .13m
    • Centerboard down: 3'0"; .91m
  • Vertical stem height: 2'0"; .61m
  • Freeboard aft: 1'2"; .36m
  • Total sail area: 120ft²; 11.15m²
  • Main sail area: 82ft²; 7.62m²
  • Main luff: 18'10"; 5.74m
  • Main foot: 8'10"; 2.611m
  • Jib sail area: 38ft²; 3.53m²
  • Jib Luff: 13'4": 4.06 m
  • Jib Foot: 6'3"; 1.91 m
  • Crew capacity: 900lbs; 408.24kg